A Plan Shaped by Dialogue

The legal requirement to produce a Management Plan for the National Park lies with the officers of the National Park. The Plan is intended to mobilise a wealth of organisations and individuals beyond our staff body alone to deliver action. Extensive dialogue has been central to developing a collective vision for the future, in which we hope everyone can see their part.

5 ways of working

The Well-being of Future Generations Act sets out five ways of working which have guided the development of Y Bannau: The Future and will guide the Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) National Park Authority in catalysing the practical action needed to achieve the missions.

Developing the Plan

Future Bannau has been developed in dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders including Natural Resources Wales, unitary authorities, Public Service Boards, Community Councils, civil society organisations including farming and environment groups, citizens, businesses, academics, National Park Authority members, and officers.

The extensive consultation helped to deepen and refine analysis of the problems and solutions as the Plan developed. We are very grateful to everyone who took time to make such thoughtful contributions.

Y Bannau: The Future Consultation Roadmap

Summer 2020
Issue Identification

Targeted consultation with key stakeholders to review State of the Park data, identify issues and agree development of replacement Management Plan.

Vision & Objectives

Eight week open consultation addressing emerging vision and objectives of the Management Plan. Presentation of options as a range of stakeholder events.


Development of two key bodies for plan development –  the Stakeholder Reference Panel comprising statutory bodies, and the Citizen Assembly comprised of self-electing citizens. Both bodies take an active role in developing the plan.


Y Bannau: The Future Consultation. Twelve week consultation on draft Management Plan Y Bannau: The Future. Presentation of content to a range of stakeholder events, and written comment sought.

Policy Deep Dives

18 online workshops held looking at the form and content of Y Bannau: The Future policy objectives. Workshops attended by a range of participants from academia, statutory bodies, citizens and eNGO’s.

Staff Involvement

Focused on the reworking of Y Bannau: The Future with staff and volunteers from the BBNPA, involvement aimed at considering how the NPA could contribute to delivering the missions.

Stakeholder Review

 Further Consultation with the Stakeholder Reference Panel and a range of other experts prior to finalising.