The work of the Bannau Brycheiniog Organisations Staff

To demonstrate our commitment to the Mission approach we, as an organisation, set out what we believe our role is in helping deliver the missions.

They are the biggest contributions we think we can make to achieve the missions. As well as our mission orientated approach, we also believe that we as an organisation have a central role which we define as our overarching contribution to mission y Bannau. These define future activity which spans all our missions and will define a general pattern of activity for the organisation as a whole.

Overarching contributions from the staff of
Y Bannau

The following defines our organisation’s commitment to undertake overarching activity which will contribute towards achieving across our missions.


  1. We will use our convening powers to bring together key people and organisations to form delivery-focused partnerships to enable the sharing of knowledge and expertise, and the efficient coordinated use of resources. This document defines partnerships already in existence, already acting for the benefit of the National Park, which we will continue to support.
  2. We will expand the reach and breadth of our academic research partnership with the objective of bringing the expertise of academic research to bear on the real-world problems of the National Park. The partnership is in the process of creating core study groups around key topic areas, such as peat, phosphates and heritage which will support achieving the missions. Individual mission chapters may identify other areas where future research is needed to support delivery.
  3. We will embed the principles, values and missions of Y Bannau: The Future into all of the work of the organisation including our decision-making structures and ways of working, our financial management, our public communications and advocacy, and the development of all further plans and policies the organisation of the National Park is asked by statute or necessity to produce.
  4. We will utilise all available resource, both now and in the future, to contribute as much as possible to mission delivery. We will advocate for mission delivery from all those bodies operating within the Park who are bound by S62(2) of the Environment Act (1995) to have due regard to our purposes and duty in their activity.
  5. We will use our knowledge and expertise to help embed Y Bannau: The Future thinking beyond our boundary, creating a mindset of exemplary and transformative action.


Climate Change is a global issue which has local impact and requires local action to both prevent and prepare for.

Our role is to bring together the evidence and data to enable us all to understand better how our actions, lifestyles and behaviours with the National Park are causing climate change so that we can each target our efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption, sequester carbon or adopt new technologies in the most effective way and places.

Our role is also to galvanise action, bringing together partner organisations, residents and visitors to build a sustainable low-carbon future in the National Park.

As an organisation Bannau Brycheiniog commits to the following contributions towards the Climate mission

We will embed decarbonisation into all activities of our organisation - including our land and building management, transport, energy, procurement, policies and procedures, in line with the Welsh Public Sector Net Zero by 2030 goal. We will support our staff and members to adopt low carbon practices at work and at home.
We will work with the experts and data to understand how climate change is expected to impact the National Park, our environment, people, places and historical heritage, in the future so that we can collectively prepare and be resilient.
Net Zero
We will work with climate experts, partners and local communities to develop Net Zero, Carbon Sequestration and Climate Adaptation plans for the National Park, guided by best practice including the UN Race to Zero initiative.
We will support and build partnerships with businesses, communities, residents and visitors to develop and deliver projects to act on climate change including sustainable local transport, energy, carbon capture and food solutions. We will work together for solutions that also generate local income, provide skills, training and jobs, and that drive forward new ideas and technologies.
We will share evidence and analysis with partners, stakeholders and the public to inform those wishing to act on climate change to and to encourage and support those who are uncertain how they can make a difference.


Water is the fountain of life, it is our most valuable resource and our most vulnerable.

The communities of Bannau Brycheiniog have interacted with our water systems and the blue landscape throughout history. The people of Wales and beyond rely on our water systems for their physical, mental and recreational needs – water connects us. Our role is to lead a new focus on the importance of water within the National Park, to place the protection, repair and recovery of our water systems at the heart of all that we do.

As an organisation Bannau Brycheiniog commits to the following contributions towards the Water mission

We will prioritise water and our water systems in all our activities and work with our staff and stakeholders to share the importance of the water mission for all.
We will be exemplars in establishing the Usk Catchment partnership to lead in the full ecological recovery of the catchment for water quality, nutrient management, water security, amenity, wildlife and ecosystem services.
We will work in partnership to protect and enhance all our water systems within the National Park, rivers - lakes, canals, peatlands, marshes and wetlands - for their role in nature recovery, climate change, flood protection, water provision and supporting the wellbeing of our communities and visitors.
We will support communities, households, businesses and visitors to re-connect to the blue landscape through the stories of history, culture and geology. We will work in partnership with, and support, the agricultural sector to explore approaches to land management and practices that enable food production and ecological restoration to combine for the benefit of all.
We will share the evidence and data so that we can all understand the impact our lives and behaviours have on our water, how we can protect our watercourses and ensure they can be enjoyed for years to come.


Our natural environment sustains us, physically, mentally, culturally and spiritually.

Y Bannau: The Future is s a living landscape, a mosaic of natural, semi-natural and managed habitats and ecosystems. Home to woodlands, peatlands, moorlands, pasture, meadows and more.

Our role is to use our skills and data to understand this complexity, to use this information and knowledge to work in partnership with all those who own and manage the land of the Park (including ourselves) to protect, repair and regenerate our key habitats, species and ecosystems.

As an organisation Bannau Brycheiniog commits to the following contributions towards the Nature Mission

We will explore and channel the emerging economic and social drivers for environmental change to support farmers, landowners and communities to establish new ways of working that support thriving communities whilst repairing and restoring our essential ecosystems
We will embed nature recovery and the conservation of our living landscape in all our activities within the National Park, building on our role to conserve and protect to become beacons for nature recovery in all that we do.
We will be exemplars through prioritising the protection and recovery of our own land for nature recovery and target our support in priority protected species, habitats and ecosystems within the National Park including SSSIs features and SACs.
We will use our data and that of our partners and researchers to develop Nature Recovery Action Plans, prioritise species, habitats and ecosystems of the National Park to protect and restore, and to monitor progress.
We will establish partnerships with landowners and the agricultural sector to explore and establish regenerative farming and land management that also supports our rural economy and prepares us for the future.
We will work in partnership to share best practice tools and strategies, supporting everyone to understand how they can actively contribute towards conservation and nature recovery, including managing invasive non-native species.


Neither people nor nature can thrive without the other, we are all part of the complex landscape of the National Park.

People have shaped the landscape and environment of the Beacons for thousands of years and have created it, protected and sometime damaged it. Our role is connect or reconnect people to the natural environment and to work in partnership so that we can restore the balance of healthy thriving communities and people in the Park with nature.

As an organisation Bannau Brycheiniog commits to the following contributions towards the People mission

We will embed wellbeing in all that we do - we will prioritise equality, diversity and inclusion. We will ensure our policies and procedures are aligned with our priorities of sustainability, inclusion and supporting the local economy.
Reach Out
We will reach out to people to understand how they connect or not to the National Park and learn how we can rebuild that connection. We will strive to remove the social and physical barriers to participation.
We will support the local economy through working to support local social enterprise, local procurement of the products and services we buy and through exploring models for income generation that will support communities, agriculture and nature to thrive e.g. payment for ecosystem services.
We will strengthen our connection with our communities, landowners/graziers, businesses, residents and visitors through being more visible, offering support, sharing our expertise and seeking ways to collaborate.
We will celebrate and promote our Welsh language and culture.
We will be exemplary in making the National Park more accessible to all people. We will work with the Local Access Forum to implement our Rights of Way Improvement Plan.
We will co-design a Sustainable Visitor Strategy working with a wide range of stakeholders with the aim of ensuring that the Park meets its objective to be an exemplar destination which manages the needs of visitors with the needs of the environment


‘Home is where the heart is’ – we all have a strong connection to places and every place is special with unique strengths, resources and characteristics.

We recognise that each place is different and that by understanding a place we can best support the people of that place to thrive and to support our natural environment. Our role is therefore to use the data, skills and partnerships that we have to connect to people in their places and to work with them to plan, act and prepare for the future.

As an organisation Bannau Brycheiniog commits to the following contributions towards the Place mission

We will use our data and evidence to map and understand the places that we own and manage, so that we can engage with those who work with us in these places to manage them for people, heritage and nature recovery.
We will work with communities within the National Park to develop place plans that build on the special characteristics of their area, to improve quality of life, support economic well being and enhance the built and natural environment.
We will ensure that the special places of the National Park - our Geopark, Dark Skies, World Heritage Site, Visitor Centres, places of importance for culture, heritage, recreation and protected environments - are managed to be inclusive, accessible and exemplars where nature and people connect and thrive together.
We will work in partnership to connect places and make connections within and beyond the National Park boundaries. We will take the wonder of the National Park to people and we will help visitors, businesses and residents understand, celebrate and value the special qualities and places of the National Park.
We will work in partnership to support the local economy and develop sustainable transport solutions that help create resilient and thriving places.