Partnership working is central to the delivery of sustainable development within the National Parks because of the range of interests that it convenes. 
National Park Management Plans Guidance, Countryside Council for Wales 2007

We do not work alone when it comes to delivering our missions.

We are dependent on the help, expertise, advice and practical skills of a range of partners, working with us towards our collective aims.

We have throughout this Plan showcased a range of projects which demonstrate the kind of action needed at scale if we are to achieve our visions (see Sêr Y Bannau). Now we would like to showcase those partnerships with whom we aim to work to help develop the detailed actions needed to create the shifts necessary.

We feel very privileged to be working in such a range and variety of partnerships, and believe it is testament to the commitment and passion felt towards Bannau Brycheiniog by such a range of people and organisations.

Some of these partnerships (like our Local Nature Partnership for example) focus on a specific topic and receive specific funding streams to act. Others are grouped around spatial areas (for example Meithryn Mynydd), and address the breadth of issues felt in place. In this way we are able to distribute authority and delegate decision making to the most local level possible, an aim of best practice management of living working landscapes like ours.

Developing, supporting and working within healthy partnerships is a key objective of this Plan and a key value of our organisation. Our commitment is to champion collaborative decision making wherever possible; to value relationship building as core to success and to ensure all those who are impacted by decisions have been involved in their co- design.

Delivering The Plan Together

Partnership working is defined by the United Nations as:

“An ongoing collaborative relationship between or among organisations from different stakeholder types aligning their interests around a common vision, combining their complementary resources and competencies and sharing risk, to maximise value creation and deliver benefit to each of the partners”

Within these pages we identify the following Partnerships as being significant to the delivery of the missions. Each section has been developed by the Partnership themselves, it is them in their own words, just as each partnership is an entity in of itself.

This list is not exhaustive and we hope over the course of this plan we will be able to keep it updated, as new partnerships form and develop. For now, we are very grateful to the following for their commitment to Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) National Park and the vision of this Plan.