The Future National Park

To act in response to the identified issues and bring our action within our ecological ceiling and social foundation requires transformative and collaborative action. To guide this action, this Plan defines a 25 year vision which seeks to implement our purposes and duty in a 21st century context, alive to the issues of the climate and nature crisis. The vision is supported by our five missions aimed at bringing about successful implementation of our purposes and duty to create a thriving National Park for all.

Bannau Brycheiniog 2048

This image takes us back to the same typical scene in the National Park. This time, however, we have moved the clock on 25 years to paint a picture of a possible landscape of the future.

This landscape is one where nature and farming work together to create a resilient biodiverse landscape. A sustainable future for the National Park will embrace nature recovery, nature-based solutions to climate change, green growth, and transitioning our communities to low-carbon living that is accessible to all. We hope others will be inspired to act and that our visitors will benefit and learn from closer contact with this nature-rich world. This is the driving force of our vision that we are inviting all partners to share with us. We believe that this is an imperative that must be acted upon now, and where possible collaborate with everyone who has a stake in the continued viability of the Park for people and nature.

Our Vision

Our National Park will be a place of inspiration, driving action for a vibrant and sustainable future.

We will harness the power of nature and people working in balance to help us face climate change, biodiversity decline, economic recovery and the health and social care crisis.

In 2048 Bannau Brycheiniog will be ecologically resilient and we will have surpassed net zero carbon.

Our communities will be connected, caring, collaborative and thriving.

The culture, natural beauty and environment of the Park will have brought inspiration and joy to all who live, work and visit here.


Postcards from the Future

The voices of Brycheiniog is a series of creative stories, poems, songs, and postcards from the people of Brycheiniog. Immerse yourself in their stories, values and passion for Bannau Brycheiniog.
A postcard from the future
A post card from 2047
Letter from Mair Brychan to Dylan Brychan