The International Dark Skies Reserve was awarded in 2012. This international award makes us one of only a handful of areas in the world, which are recognised for the quality of our dark skies and nighttime environment.

Our Dark Skies are relatively unique in an increasingly urbanised world where light pollution dominates. The International Dark Skies Reserve (DSR) status allows us to put into place measures to prevent the spread of light pollution into the National Park to conserve and enhance our special qualities of darkness and tranquillity. We champion these far as precious resources, providing opportunities for quiet and deep reflection connecting the individual to the wonders of the universe. Through this highly prestigious status, we hope to preserve our magical night skies for future generations.

The reserve status also has significant economic value to the National Park. Creating a mechanism to attract staying visitors through stargazing events and promotion. We also utilise the status to draw attention to the impacts of human activity on our environment and our climate, through the dark skies benefits to nocturnal wildlife and carbon saving from switching off the lights.