Local Nature Partnership

Reconnecting people with nature, whilst ensuring nature's protected and nurtured now and for generations to come.

Maria Golightly – Co-Ordinating Officer

Our local nature partnership is uniquely placed to deliver effective action at the local level, which contributes to the overall national nature recovery agenda.

There is a local nature partnership in every area of Wales, whose coordinator is hosted by the local authority or national park authority. These coordinators develop and deliver activities to connect people with nature, as well as various monitoring and reporting duties.

Nature Recovery Action Plan

We are working to the objectives of the Nature Recovery Action Plan – A Future With Nature At Its Heart. This is a collaboration which is open to all who want to contribute. A desire and commitment to help deliver the plan is the only requirement to be involved. Current partners include representatives from a wide range of organisations, groups and individuals who all have a common interest in protecting and strengthening the National Park’s ecosystems.

The partnership’s goal is to help reverse the decline in biodiversity by focusing on developing resilient ecological networks (in other words “nature recovery networks”) which are more diverse, greater in extent, in better ecological condition and better joined up.

We need to help people understand and connect with the idea of healthier natural environment and the many benefits it provides when in good condition. We must celebrate and share our knowledge of the Park’s natural assets, explain the potential for nature recovery and adapt our message to the audiences we’re working with, to demonstrate nature’s relevance to everyone.
Maria Golightly
Co-Ordinating Officer

Key Objectives

Our key objectives are:

  • To improve our evidence, understanding and monitoring of ecological resilience within the National Park.
  • To work with partners at all levels to unify local action for nature recovery and ensure integration with relevant natural resources plans and strategies.
  • To increase the resilience of our natural environment by protecting existing semi-natural habitats, restoring degraded habitats and creating new areas of habitat.
  • To identify and deliver targeted action for key species and habitats as part of a wider, integrated nature recovery action programme.
  • To engage with a diversity of audiences about nature recovery using different language and techniques to highlight nature’s relevance to us all and thus build engagement and action at all levels.


Y Bannau: The Future

With it’s focus on nature recovery for people and place, Y Bannau: The Future helps bring our message to wider audiences. The Plan provides a strong foundation from which to develop our next Nature Recovery Action Plan, which will, we hope, look to strengthen mission delivery.