It’s the 26th of August 2047, and I’ve cycled here, to the Park. enjoyed the active feeling this exercise gave me, as tackled the hills. It was great, as passed many other cyclists, enjoying the fresh air and exercise.

As I listen, I hear birds calling, the wind gently rustling the leaves of the trees, scuttling as small mammals run through the undergrowth. A curlew calls in the distance.

Pollinators hum around quietly going about their business.

It smells fresh, the air smells clean, wild flowers from the nearby meadows and hedgerows are going to seed, but there is still a hint of their scent. Soon, once the flowers have set seed, the smell of freshly cut grass will fill the air.

I stand still, the wind gently moves my hair, the warmth of late summer sunlight warms my skin, it is not too hot, just warm enough.

I notice an acorn on the ground. A bit early perhaps, but it symbolizes regeneration and sustainability to me. It is nice to think that this acorn could grow into an ancient tree, many years into the future, providing habitat for so many species.

I feel calm, relaxed, free, yet I feel motivated by the atmosphere. The wildlife encourages me. It is inspirational to see this landscape, where people and nature, from all backgrounds collaborate and co-exist in harmony and respect.

I write to you, my past self, with these things I have learned….

Nature has the ability to recover, we just need to work together, explain the importance of collaboration. Don’t be afraid to act, to think big. Nature will recover, the work will pay off. You can do this, see everything as an opportunity to improve the planet and this National Park. Good luck!

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