Subject: Grandpa having the final word…

To my beloved family

It’s now been a month since Ioan passed. I finally got round to clearing up his office and found this on his desk under some newspapers. It very nearly ended up in the bin! Needless to say, it had me in tears, but it also filled me with hope and gratitude.

Anyway, off to take Bran for a walk now (the only one he left out of the poem!) but thought you’d all appreciate it.

For once, I’ll let him have the final word….

See you soon



Beacon – by Ioan Brychan

We climb the hill in darkness Seven silent silhouettes
We climb the hill with answers Wishes, worries and regret

Tonight, we light a beacon each A symbol of intent
Seven private fires lit With each a message sent

Sian lights a warning Illuminates the land
A reminder of impermanence That hills are shaped by hands

Mair lights a celebration Nature in full song
Let me loose, let me protect you Learn these notes to sing along

Dylan builds a lighthouse
For those struggling in the dark Here there is refuge
Know that you can ask

Maya builds a hearth
A fire to warm and nourish A flame, self-sustaining Fuels resilience and courage

Dafydd lights a pyre
Burning doubts that hold us back
We are rich in resources
For years we thought we lacked

Megan sparks passion Pride in people and a space
Where action and intention
Matter more than birthplace

My own flame
Flickers in remembrance Of tales, words, and art
There are lessons in old stories But no living in the past

Too tired, too cold To linger on this hill Slowly turning home
On old bones – I’ve had my fill

Looking back, a hill aglow Dazzling in the night Seven fires lit
One beacon burning bright

We climbed the hill in darkness We climb down in the light

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