Story or narrative takes those big ideas, abstract concepts, dry facts and translates them into something very specific that we can experience, and so feel, and that’s what tells us how we feel about it emotionally, what it means to us and that’s what moves us into action. 
Lisa Cron

Y Bannau: The Future, is, as the name suggests all about the Future.

Despite the human race’s immense capacity for abstract thought, it is hard for us to properly imagine the future. Evolutionarily we are hard wired to concern ourselves with the here and now because that was essential for surviving. Knowing and responding to difficulties in the future isn’t in our DNA, but it is essential if we are to collectively realise the need to take decisive action in the present, for the sake of future generations.

This ability to imagine the future is called by academics ‘Future Literacy’ and many are turning to story to help us all fully feel and understand the future.

So to help us here in Bannau Brycheiniog imagine what the future could be like as a result of this plan, we have worked with a local writer, to bring you a glimpse of the future that might be possible, drawn through the eyes of the fictional Brychan family – seventh generation farmers here in Bannau Brycheiniog. Each mission chapter ends with a glimpse into their world in 2048, a point at which we are nearing big societal goals on climate and nature. By linking people to place, and especially the cultural landscape of this Park, we hope to ensure that this plan is understand fully in the context of Bannau Brycheiniog.

By imagining what could be, we hope to inspire action to help make it a reality.